October 17, 2017

Indie Game Maker Contest


I'd like to talk a little bit about this game jam, which is very special to me and to the whole RPG Maker community.

Basically, the Indie Game Maker Contest is a RPG Maker game jam, sponsored by Degica itself, and it's happening between October 4th and November 6th.

The purpose of this contest is to select the best RPG Maker games made within the jam time limit.

Prizes will be given to the three best games, and the funds to these prizes are being raised in Humble Bundle.

I had a big project in mind, a dystopic action RPG inspired by Chrono Trigger, but, well, i didn't get enough support to deliver what i wanted with that.

So, i have a couple of new projects that are under development, i'm making both of them all by myself, back on my field of knowledge, which is horror RPGs.

I won't tell much about these projects until the end of the contest, that is in less than three weeks from now, but wish me luck or something.

If it so happens that i don't win any prizes, i will be releasing the games on Steam, also in November, so, everyone will get to play them anyway.

Support the contest by helping the fund raising on Humble Bundle, or visit the IGMC official page to know more about the jam.