Devblog #1

Mapping and Stuff

August 14, 2017

Hello everyone.

The idea here is to post

weekly debvlogs, so you guys

can stay updated on the

development of the game.

We've been finishing up

everything that we need for

the first chapter of Ghosts,

a couple new audio tracks,

city mapping, and some

graphical touch ups aswell.

The game resolution also went through a few changes, now we have a wider screen ratio, with cinematic borders which just looks awesome with the fog effects.

More graphical changes were planned, but last week was such a big mess, so i hope we can make those for the next update.

As for that next update, the focus will be on programming this time, we plan on setting up the scenes of chapter 1, so you guys can expect some screenshots of that.

Well, that's it, see you next week.