July 17, 2017

And so it begins

Well, where should i start?

My name is Igor, i'm a game developer and i've been into game making for as far as i can remember.

Many years ago i was just a little brat messing around with RPG Maker 2000, and i can remember clearly how much i loved the idea of making up my own stories and seeing them come to life, how satisfying it was to create the characters and build up their personalities, backgrounds, relationships and all that stuff.

I kept up with the newer releases of the RPG Maker engine in a very personal level, for, as the newer and more sofisticated versions of the program came out, i was maturing aswell, and so was my storytelling and my skills.

A few years after the release of RPG Maker XP, i had my first contact with MUGEN, which also rapidly became one of my favorite things to mess around with, and many amateur projects came out of it, some of them released as freeware games.

Last year i decided to really get into the gaming industry, that's when i started working on Ghosts, using the RPG Maker MV. That was clearly my best work so far, so i decided to take it seriously.

Thales is an old friend of mine, we've always been a lot into gaming, and he also happens to be a great musician, so i asked him to help me out on my latest project.

Many months and many versions of Ghosts later, the project began taking it's final form, so i approached another friend of mine, Uriel, who's also a lot into gaming, and invited him to become a part of the project, as the illustrator and concept artist.

That's when the Dead Inside Studio was born.

We all have feelings and ideas that we want to express in our different ways, so why not put it all together and create something great?

So here we are.

Ghosts is already in development for it's final version, and a whole bunch of other game ideas and being put together.

So, i'd like to say thank you, if you took the time to come here and read this, and i really hope for your support. We will keep you guys updated through this website, and also on Steam and Facebook, so, make sure to visit us often.

Again, thank you.

Take care out there on the non pixel world.